Why you dont Understand the Bible

22 Nov


By Victor Muzzafar Egwuonwu
“And he said, go thy way daniel for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end”Daniel 12 : 9

What doeth this saying mean?
When something is closed and sealed it requires an action of opening the sealed thing before one could comprehend it.
Let us take a sealed/ closed safe box for example there is no way a man can be able to know its content except it has been opened.

Now let’s look at the word of GOD (Holy Bible).as it came to daniel
“but thou o daniel shut up the words,and seal the book(bible)even to the time of the end:many shall run to and fro,and knowledge shall be increased”(daniel 12:4)

This passage makes us understand that the word of GOD is a sealed book that even the holy prophets who GOD uses to pen them down does not understand them ,even daniel whom the lord used to interpret dreams for kings couldn’t understand. He testified saying
“and I heard but I
understood not:then said I,(he asked
GOD a question)oh my lord,what shall be
the end of these things? And he said,go
thy way,daniel for the words are
closed up and sealed till the time of the
end “(Daniel 12 : 8-9)

From this passage we conclude that
our bible is. Closed and sealed in a way
that we can not understand its true
One may ask now why the hell
should GOD seal the word if he really wants
us to hear it? .

This question is answered in this verse
“but we speak the wisdom of GOD in a
mystery ,even the hidden wisdom wich
GOD. Ordained before the world unto
our glory:wich none of the princes of
this world knew:for had they known it
they wouldn’t have crucified the lord
of glory (1 corinthians 2 : 7-8).

This shows us
that GOD protects his word not from
his children but from the devil(prince of
the world).

To be able to understand this sealed word there is
something we must do.

We must Understand that we can’t understand the Word of God (The Holy Bible) because its been sealed
We must Understand that there is only one who can open up the sealed word of God(the Holy Bible)
If we are determined to understand this sealed word of God , we must come to the only one who is worthy to open up this great Book(The word of God)/ the Holy Bible sealed with seven seals

Overcomers Searchlight(ADMIN)


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