Questions and answers between me and my muslim friend

16 Oct

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Moro Med :

I won’t have time to be honest with you. But we can all the same talk as time goes by. Anyway can you answer the ff questions
1. Whats the old testament
2. What’s the new testament
3. What’s the bible?
4. Who is jesus ?
5. What’s the trinity? 6. Why are versions of bible different from one version e.g saint James compared to other version. Let’s start with answers to these questions and please factual answers with quotations from the bible where appropriate. If you have any issues about Islam , send them and I will address it?

muzzafar :
But as you are waiting for my own answers I will also like you to answer mine
– why do we see up to 7 or more different versions of al-Qur’an?
– if the Qur’an is the word of God what do we need the Hadiths for?
-How do we know the weak and the strong Hadiths?
– from what we learn from these hadiths I found out that Muhammad was recorded as a Murderer and a marauder my question is If muhammad was really all these thingsWhy will God send an Unholy and cruel man like muhammad to be a prophet and an example for the world?

back to your questions(ill answer you one by one)
1. Whats the old testament?
my answer:

A testament can be described as , something that gives a clear explanation about something

In relation to the biblical testaments the first or old testament is that part of the Holy Bible that explains the covenant that God made with Man and how Man broke it
And its major teaching is that the soul that commits sin must dieezk18:20

And because all men have sinned and by the law all Men are condemned
God in his love promised to make a new covenant (grace)

2. What’s the new testament?
my answer:
The new testament is the explanation of the fulfillment of all the promises made by God in the old testament.

We learn from the Old testament part of the Bible that all Men have sinned and by right all men are supposed to die for their sin
But God in his love having this willingness to save men could not change his wordpsalm138:2
Which teaches that the soul that sinneth shall die ezk 18:20
For God to save man there must be someone to pay the price(which is to take the place of man) and that person must
sin less , a human without biological father(I mean born of a virgin without physical pro creation)
and willing to do it

The logic in this is that
if he is sin full he will be disqualified because he also will need to pay his own price

If the person is sin less he is qualified to pay the price for the sin full
He must be a human being because he is sacrificing himself for them
But he must not be a biological son of any man
Because if he is a biological son of a man
he will be disqualified to sacrifice for Man
Because the Bible teaches that the children shall not be put to death because of the sin of the father ezk18:20
He must be willing to do the will of God(submission to God’s will)
The new testament explains how God fulfilled all the promises by the birth of this qualified man
And the fulfillment of Gods promises and his salvation plan by his Death and resurrection
The new testament gives us a complete explanation and a final understanding of God’s grace
The new testament is in the Holy Bible from Mathew to Revelation

4. Who is jesus ?

To understand who Jesus is we must first note that Jesus himself testified that it will only take God’s spirit for a mortal Man to know who he is mathew16:17-19


Jesus is the only Man in the Bible referred to as the ‘Arm of God’isa53:1

Jesus is the only Man in the Bible referred to as the ‘Word of God’john1:1-6

Jesus is the only one in the Bible referred to as the ‘Beginning and the end’ revelation1:8

These are just some few among the unciountable numbers of the unique descriptions that’s being used to describe Jesus

On my understanding I will teach that
The most important thing to know and believe about Jesus ,is that he (Jesus) is the
only man recorded in all the holy books as sin less and he was also the only man referred to; in the Bible as the Savior of Man mathew1:21

So in conclusion I say- Jesus is the Savior of Man

5. What’s the trinity?
Trinity (in christain doctrine)
‘three different manifestations of God
are one’.

The Trinity expresses the
belief that God is one Being known to be made up
of three distinct Personalities that exist in
co-equal essence and co-eternal
communion as the Father, Son and Holy
first timothy 3:16
You must note
That understanding the concept of Trinity is not the p requisite to make heaven
The most important doctrine of Christainity is :accepting Jesus as Savior
In summary-
Trinity is the three manifestations of God
first timothy3:16


6. Why are versions of bible different from one version e.g king James compared to other version?
I am answering this question because I assume that you really want to learn

The king James Bible which you mentioned is an English translation of the Bible
You see the Bible was not written in English so it was translated to all the existing languages so that all of Mankind irrespective of the race ,tribe or tounge will have opportunity to read and understand the word of God in their Native Languagemathew 24:14 as commanded by God

It is true that there exists slight differences in these translations

And this differences can be blamed on the different belief/use of words amongst the different translators
But the Bible remains intact
For a Bible scholar to get the real understanding of the Bible , s/he is Advised to read with different translations so as to get the accurate understanding
A point to note is that an individual no matter how wise can never understand the Bible unless God’s spirit is Involvedephesians3:5



2 Responses to “Questions and answers between me and my muslim friend”

  1. akeem December 2, 2012 at 15:38 #

    my friend all your explanation are not rational and this gave birth to could you say there is one God with 3 different personalities,all coequal, even after jesus(peace be upon him) confessed that God the father is greater than himself?according to your doctrine too ALL(man,woman and child) have sinned,including mary(God forbid),if that is so then jusus is born a sinner.And have you forgotten that the punishment for the first sin is that man shall toil for is daily breed and that woman shall experience labour.Are men now eating manna from heaven or our women not belaboured during childbirth?

  2. Victor Muzzafar Egwuonwu December 2, 2012 at 19:17 #

    @ Akeem,
    Plz try to be specific with your questions ; so far, you sound very incoherent.
    And you must note that God knew very well that there are people who will not believe in Jesus Christ and that’s why he said in John 3:16 that who so ever believeth in him…. So its not a new development if you openly confess that you are an unbeliever.
    And plz Akeem can you plz after you have asked a clearer question , answer the one I threw at our akh Moro Med?
    Thank you

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