searchlight expoZure(1)who is Allah?

13 Oct


By Muzzafar for the overcomers searchlight expoZers.
Adopted from sam shamoun’s answering islam team.
Satan used Muhammad as a pawn and Islam as a tool to attack the people of God.
As Muhammad grew in power, he used violence to subdue those that disagreed with him.

He denied the Son ship of Jesus, making him an anti-Christ,
and denied other key doctrines of Christianity.

Muhammad eventually urged his followers to oppress Christians and instituted laws that deny people’s basic human rights.

Today in ummars (Muslim countries), Christians are victimized by those laws.

Many of our christain brethren have been murdered, executed, and or oppressed for their faith in Jesus christ .
If a Muslim converts to Christianity, he is under a death sentence for apostatizing (and that’s one of the reason why many muslims cowardly remain in the bondage of satanism in islam).

In his last few hours of life, Muhammad was on record cursing the Christians and jews (and this proves his hate for christ and makes him an anti-christ).

Real Islam is a weapon that Satan uses to make war upon God and His saints
Satan is definitely the brain behind the demon that tried to strangle Muhammad in the mira cave.

And he(satan) is probably the one who gave the Qur’an to Muhammad.

And he(satan) is the one that has enslaved all Muslims to achieve his goal to turn all Gods creation against him.
He (satan)is the one instructing Muslims to spill the blood of the Infidel & themselves until not one is left of Gods people.

He is the one who instructs his slaves(muslims) to kill their own brothers who dare to run from his grasp to the open arms of God.
He is the one who dwells in the Ka’aba! It is he all Muslims unknowingly bow down & prostrate to when they pray facing his abode.

Can you prove the SEARCHLIGHT WRONG?
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in our Facebook page ( THE OVERCOMERS SEARCHLIGHT )where we expoZe the evil doctrines of Islam


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